IAFA Winter Season 9 is an amateur football league.

Teams have to follow unwritten “fair play” rule

League consists of two parts: primary and play-off



League is organized by MTU IAFA Sport represented by Andrei Petrov (+37257777752)

Eduard Jaroshevits (+37255597864) is responsible for all routine questions.

Main referees of the League are Sergei Nagovitson and Sergei Makarov


Date and Time

Matches take place in Tallinn on Koidu 97.

League takes place from 27.10.2018 to 16.03.2019.

Each team plays one match a week every Saturday.

22.12.2018 is a day off.

Games start at 10:20 and finish at 17:00.

Guest entrance is free of charge.



2x 20 min, time is not stopped

Primary part of the league: Time stopped last 30 sec in case of a goal or a foul.

Primary part of the league: Time stopped last 60 sec in case of a goal, foul and outs.

5 vs 5, min 3 in a starting list

In case of missing a game, team gets a technical defeat 0:3

During play-off technical defeat is added to a result of another game.

Each team can take one minute time-out during the match. Substitutions are allowed during time-out.

Substitutions are not limited and take place in a specially marked area.

Starting with a 5th team foul the opponnent is awarded a 10 meter penalty kick.

Regular penalty mark is at 6 meters.

Players sent off with a red card leave the pitch and team plays 2 minutes with 4 players or until the goal is scored by an opponent unless opponents also have 4 players on the pitch.

Players sent off with red card have to skip next game.

Player who receives 3rd yellow card misses next game. Yellow card counter resets.


Yellow cards counter reset before play-off.


Play uniform

Teams must play in a t-shirts of the same color. Goalkeepers t-shirt must be different.

Goalkeeper can weak t-shirt without a number.

Each player must have a unique number on t-shirt.

In case of same colour the referee will randomly pick a team to equip vests of a different colour.

Players are not allowed to use clothes or jewelries that can hard other players.



IAFA Winter Season 9 has no limits for players of 4th ahd 4rd leagues of EFA.

Every team is allowed to sign up up to 4 players from 2nd league and one from Betsafe saaliliiga.

 Premium Liiga, Esiliiga A, Esiliiga B players are forbidden.

Players born after 27.10.2004 cannot take part int he league.

Only officially registred players can take part in the games.

Player can not be signed up for more than 1 team.

Player can only make one transfer to another team during the league.

Teams must sign up new players not later than 24 before the start of the game.

Players who violated the rules of registration or transfer to be disqualified until the end of the tournament.

Game protocol has to be signed 20 min before the game and it must contain the numbers of participatiung players.



– unil 30.09.2018 team fee is 800 and it includes up to 20 players

– since 01.10.2018 team fee is 800 and it includes up to 20 players

– since 21.10.2018 every new player has to pay a licence fee of  25 EUR



Penalties are decieded by the league organizers: Andrei Petrov, Sergei Nagovitson and Sergei Makarov

Penalties which cause 2+ games punishment:

  1. Actions against referees and organizers up to 5 games
  2. Physical harm or spitting at to another person up to 10 games
  3. Property harm up to 3 games + financial coverage
  4. Present regulations violation up to 2 games.



Penalties can be protested within 24h.

Up to 2 protests per team per season.

Response to be given within 72 hours

no active events

Player Team
Eduard Gorohov1 (2)Mig-25
Evgeni Zinovjev1 (1)Mig-25
Ilya Sychev1 (6)Tornados
 Teams Players Games
  Total Average Points
673 7.48 6730
408 4.53 2040
93 1.03 -2790
8 0.09 -400
14 0.16 -280
# 1475 16.39 14750
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IAFA Futsal: Terms of payment