800 EUR (valid until 01.10)

IAFA is interested in having no financial issues with the teams to guarantee the declared services within an event and we offer a discount and better terms to our reliable customers.

Pre-season offer includes both team fee and player licences for every person added before the due date. Players registered after the due date have to pay player licence separately according to general service price list.

Pre-season offer lets a team to sign up irregular players and lower the shared costs.


Standard fee consists of two parts – team fee and player licences.

750 EUR / team

Team fee guarantees the team the declared amount of games, except for the cases when games are canceled due to third party actions, (disqualification of an opponent, technical problems of the landlord, etc)

Team fee can be split into two payments but the general sum rises with our risks and becomes 850 EUR:

  • 425 EUR + player licences by the start of the event
  • 425 EUR by 10.01.


15 EUR / player.

Player licence allows a person to participate in particular IAFA event until the end of it. To participate in games player licence must have valid licence, which cannot be canceled, given to another players or refunded if a player stops playing in IAFA for various reasons, such as moving to another city, injury etc or if he just does not want to play anymore.


25 EUR / player

Application for a new player to be send to info.iafa@gmail.com 24 hours before the game and contain copy/photo of ID, ID-code, e-meil, phone number). Players existing in IAFA database can be signed-up during the same game day if it does not prevent IAFA representative to fulfill their primary duties.


25 EUR / player

Application for a transfer to be send to info.iafa@gmail.com 24 hours before the game by the new team’s manager. Transfer must be confirmed by the old team’s manager.


To participate in IAFA tournament team of 10 players has to pay 750 + 10*15 = 900 EUR.

Teams who pay 800 EUR as pre-season fee can sign up to 20 players and save at least 100 EUR.


IAFA takes all the responsibilities for venues, pitches, referees and other expenses. Team fee includes 18-22 games within a single event.

Price is based on our expenses which include rent (78 eur/h), referees, media staff, prizes and other various expenses.

no active events

Player Team
Eduard Gorohov1 (2)Mig-25
Evgeni Zinovjev1 (1)Mig-25
Ilya Sychev1 (6)Tornados
 Teams Players Games
  Total Average Points
673 7.48 6730
408 4.53 2040
93 1.03 -2790
8 0.09 -400
14 0.16 -280
# 1475 16.39 14750
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